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The biggest Algerian program that create opportunities for startup holders and ecosystem actors to build innovations of tomorrow.

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We create opportunities for the ecosystem to meet and solve problems by creating innovation of tomorrow.

Organized in the form of a national competition bringing together enthusiasts and actors of the world of innovative entrepreneurship in Algeria, ASC takes the lead in the movement of innovative entrepreneurship with the ultimate goal of boosting the change makers with startup projects

Grand Final 3rd edition

The annual ceremony will close the 3 Challenges specialized by Industry including Foodtech, Fintech and Logistics and thus bringing together the various actors of the ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship and stakeholders of this third edition.

Logistics Startup Challenge

a program dedicated to disruptive solutions and startups, using innovative operational, technological or economic models treating Mobility and Supply Chain challenges.

Fintech Startup Challenge

a program dedicated to startups using operational and technological models or innovative and disruptive economic solutions, aiming to address emerging issues in the industry financial, banking and insurance.

Foodtech Startup Challenge

a program that focuses on innovations targeting the three main sectors of the food system agriculture, halieutics and the food industry along the entire food value chain.

Third Edition 2021

organized in the form of specialized challenges by industry. The program includes coaching sessions and Open Innovation opportunities

Second Edition 2020

Organized in the form of a national competition which brings together enthusiasts and actors of change in the world of entrepreneurship in Algeria.

First edition 2018

In its first edition Algeria Startup Challenge aims to boost the emergence of Startups around e-commerce and e-payment in Algeria and will be devoted to students, graduates and project leaders


The first program that gives voice to the world’s renowned Algerian personalities. So that they can share their journey, and inspire our Algerian community.


The first Ramadanesque program, which revolves around various themes related to entrepreneurship and new technologies. A crossroads for local and foreign professionals

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Word from our 3rd edition partners


Mr. Ihsan Elaimeche

Project owner : NASS

Merci à ASC pour cette aventure unique. Merci aussi à l'équipe pour leur enthousiasme ainsi que leur sympathie quotidienne. Un grand merci aux acteurs du projets qui étaient des personnes de qualités pour le partage de leur savoir faire et de leur expérience. D’avoir pu exposer nos projets est pour nous une fierté et espérons que ces idées verront le jour contribueront à faire de l'Algérie un pays plus grand.

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